Custom Trackmaster off road wheelchair

Can Wheelchairs Go on Gravel and How are Track Chairs Different?

Track chairs are an off-road wheelchair that allow it’s users to tackle rough and rocky terrain. Although it shares some characteristics with a typical powered wheelchair or an all-terrain wheelchair, the TrackMaster chair’s tracks give individuals access to virtually any place that you would be able to go to when walking.

What’s the difference between a powered wheelchair, an all-terrain chair and a track chair?

Powered wheelchair: A typical powered wheelchair, which is usually powered by a motor, has round front and rear wheels. This design does not typically do well in gravel or grass due to the chair’s limited surface area contact with the ground. 

All-terrain chair: Unlike a regular powered wheelchair, all-terrain chairs have the ability to travel over terrain such as grass, softer soil and gravel. However, most all-terrain chairs are built with wheels, causing them to get stuck when larger hurtles emerge. These wheels usually provide more traction and surface area contact than a regular powered wheelchair, but they are still limited when compared to a track chair. 

Track chair: The tracks of a track chair give users the opportunity to climb over obstacles that would get other all-terrain chairs stuck. With more than four small points of contact with the ground, a track chair allows for its user to not only travel through grass and soft soil roads, but through inches of snow, rocky gravel roads, and dense wooded areas. A custom trackmaster chair lets you go where you want comfortably and with ease.

For example, consider a Honda Civic. It travels efficiently on paved roads but struggles to drive over much else. Now, compare that to a four-wheel-drive truck. It has the ability to travel on tougher ground than the Honda Civic. However, compared to a military-grade tank, the truck is limited in where it can travel. In the same way, an all-terrain chair can drive on more surfaces than a powered wheelchair, but it is still limited when compared to an off-road wheelchair like the track chair. 

The goal of the track master wheelchair is to give the user accessibility that is as close as possible to the accessibility one would have if walking. In some ways, it gives you even more mobility because the machine will not experience fatigued like a human may when walking through rough conditions. 

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