Track chairs for Vets and Hunting Wheelchairs

How Can Having a Track Chair Change My Life?

Limitations to your physical abilities can be frustrating. It can feel like a loss of freedom to do what you love and to go where you want to go. Whether you are disabled due to injury or you have just become less able with age, a TrackMaster track chair can change your life and the way you look at your abilities. From customizable track chairs for vets to comfortable chairs that can assist you in carrying out your everyday tasks or even hunting wheelchairs with tracks, owning one of our chairs can get you back to living life how you want.

Get your freedom back

The track chair gives less able or disabled individuals about the same abilities that they would have if they were more abled. It provides “legs” for paraplegics, stamina for older folks, and support for everyone in between. Whatever your needs are? We hope to help meet them with a track chair just for you.

Expand your capabilities

Regular wheelchairs are made for traveling over smooth, level surfaces and short grass. Try to take a standard wheelchair anywhere else and you’ll get stuck. A track chair is equipped with tracks instead of wheels, allowing it to move over rough and rocky terrain. 

Even if you are able to walk on your own, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with others. The track chair’s Dual 1 horsepower electric motor gives you the capability of moving at a consistent speed of up to 4.5 miles per hour, the same speed as a brisk walk or even a light jog. And unlike a person, the track chair won’t get tired after traveling for long periods of time. 

A chair made for all of your outdoor adventures

From hunting to hiking, we know that our customers are looking to get back to doing their favorite activities. The removable armrests and adjustable seats make our track chairs excellent hunting wheelchairs. The ability to keep a consistent pace while maintaining grip on gravel and dirt paths are why many of our customers choose our chairs to use during hiking, camping and fishing excursions.

The first track chair made was given to a customer with multiple sclerosis (MS). The chair allowed her to travel to the top of Laurel Falls, a place she had not been able to go to in 10 years. Her track chair gave her the ability to go back and experience the adventure she had been missing all of those years.

Find your perfect fit with TrackMaster

Our chairs are customizable to fit your specific needs. If you are looking for a hunting wheelchair, or for a track chair for vets, we would love to assist you with getting one that works best for you. 

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about our track chairs and how they can change your life!

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