Custom TrackMaster Track Chairs for Vets

How Long Does It Take To Get A Custom Track Chair Or Wheelchair?

Taking back your differently-abled life is such a fulfilling task to accomplish. You can begin this journey by purchasing a custom TrackMaster for yourself made specifically with your needs in mind. Whether you’re looking for a track chair for yourself, or a track chair for a veteran or disabled family member, we can help you figure out the perfect fit. With the help of our partners at Amy Systems for customized seating, you can have your new custom track chair in about 4-6 weeks. 

Custom Seating For Your Track Chair

While you’re looking into purchasing a track chair, it’s important to think about custom seating options that will fit your physical needs, as well as your lifestyle. 

  • Complex Rehab Seating – If you have some of the specific mobility limitations that would benefit from using Complex Rehab Therapy (CRT) seating, we have used CRT seating on many of our customers chairs to help them take their lives back. We work very closely with Amy Systems, who will take our base chair model and add the customized CRT seating you need then ship it directly to you when it’s done.
  • Amputee SupportIf you are an amputee, we have the option for you to add swing away supported seating to your custom TrackMaster. 
  • Power Adjustable SeatingWith TrackMaster, you can add power tilt, power leg extension, power elevation, and/or power recline to your track chair to fit your needs and preferences that may change in different environments. 
  • AmenitiesFor your convenience we can also add a number of amenities to your TrackMaster’s seating, including cup holders, tablet and phone mounts, as well as a number of other customizations like rifle mounts or storage racks.

At TrackMaster, we work closely with our customers to make their life with a TrackMaster as personalized and easy as possible and frequently add these customizations to our chairs with the help of our discussions with customers like you. We will take as much time as you need to help you figure out your needs and wants to make them reality with your new custom TrackMaster. 

Track Chairs For Veterans 

Being a differently-abled veteran means you know what sacrifice is first-hand. TrackMaster is proud to help provide
track chairs for veterans who want to still live an active lifestyle. Being a vet may mean you need some personalizations that others might not.

Changing people’s lives is what drives us, and we’d love to help you find what customizations you need for your chair. Contact us today to get started

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