Wheelchair with tracks for hunting

How to Hunt in a Wheelchair or Track Chair

Do you love to hunt, but have been unable to due to being in a wheelchair? Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t hunt any more. You may just need the right equipment.

TrackMaster track chairs make it easy to travel through tough terrains such as mud and wooded areas. The specialized tracks make our chairs perfect for hunting. From the seat-set up to the ability to change directions quickly, the features of our wheelchair with tracks for hunting allow for individuals to continue to get outside and do what they love.

Here are some ways that individuals can get the best hunting experience with our chairs:


Seat Set-Up – The two distinct features of the seating set up on our tracked wheelchair are the ability to elevate the seat and move the armrests. By elevating your seat to the appropriate height and moving the armrests up to allow for full range of motion, these features can help optimize your hunting experience in our track chairs. Additionally, other chairs limit your range of motion because of how the straps are situated; the TrackMaster track chair provides an advantage that allows the individual to get out of the chair more easily.

Direction changes – With our wheelchair with tracks for hunting, individuals are able to change direction at a speed that is critical for hunting. The isolated movement of the individual tracts allows the chair to turn around quickly while staying in one spot. The tracks are individually operated in conjunction with the electronic control which is exactly proportioned with the power of the motor. The chair changes direction quickly regardless of movement of the chair; whether you are in motion or still the chair will move in your desired direction fast. You can use these features to make swift and quick movements needed for hunting on wooded terrains.

Electronic Break – Our custom motors are equipped with an electronic break that allows the chair to stay in place on uneven terrain when the motor is not under power. The use of this break can increase the productivity of your hunting by allowing you to be stationary for minutes at a time when necessary.

Start Hunting Again with the TrackMaster Tracked Chair.


You don’t need to stay back home anymore. Our tracked wheelchair, with its specialized seat set up, tracks made for uneven surfaces and motor with an electronic break, the use of our tracked chairs allow you to get back out there and enjoy hunting again.

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about our tracked chairs and how they can be used to better your hunting experience.

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