Custom TrackMaster Wheelchair

How Wide is a Track Chair, and How Much Does it Weigh?

Have you been looking into obtaining your own track chair, but are unsure if your home and current vehicle will be accessible to its size?

You’ll be relieved to know that not many, if any, modifications typically need to be made to accommodate the TrackMaster wheelchair. TrackMaster’s new ‘S’ series is able to fit even easier into your life with a narrower and lighter frame.

Comparing the MK and S Series Measurements 

TrackMaster has come out with two new ‘S’ series models of the TrackMaster wheelchair, built to be lighter, smaller, and easier to get around in than the current ‘MK’ series.

  • The Track – The ‘S’ series sports a new track that closely resembles one on a snowmobile.
  • Maneuverability – You’ll be able to turn on a dime quickly if need be in the new ‘S’ series. as well as perform full 180° or 360° turns. This is because of the new track combined with the new lighter aircraft-grade aluminum frame as opposed to the ‘MK’ series’ steel frame, which weighed the chair down quite a bit.
  • Weight – The ‘MK’ series weight is approximately 350 lbs for both models, and the ‘S’ series is about 50-80 lbs lighter at 300-270 lbs, depending on if you were to order a custom TrackMaster or standard (custom seating, for example).
  • Size – The width also goes down a bit on the ‘S’ series models as well, with the S-1 coming in at 28.5″ wide as opposed to the MK-1’s 29.5″, and the S-2 coming in at 32″ as opposed to the MK-1X’s 33.25″. 

Making Accomodations for Your New Track Chair

Your Vehicle: You will probably not need to make any modifications to your existing wheelchair accessible home or vehicle. The S-1 track chair can be transported using a conversion van, and the S-2 can be lifted and towed by any towing-capable vehicle.

Flying: The TrackMaster chairs may also be flown, as long as they are checked and stored in the cargo area. Make sure to check with your airline so they can accommodate transporting your track chair ahead of time.

Your Home: As for your home, the standard front door is 36” and the standard internal door is 30”. The S-1 will fit through the standard 36” and 30″ doorways in your home. The S-2 is 32″, requiring slightly wider doorways. The S-2 will likely fit easily through your front door, but internal doorways may be too narrow. Make sure to check the width of your doorway if you’ll be storing your TrackMaster wheelchair in the house.

This above is based on the standard TrackMaster track chair. If you have custom TrackMaster modifications, you will need to take those into account as well.

Contact us today to get your custom TrackMaster. we’ll answer any questions regarding the size and transportability with modifications.  

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