TrackMaster Wheelchair in a park. Better than an Off Road Wheelchair.

Making Parks Easier For ALL To Enjoy

  • Do you enjoy nature or exploring a beautiful park?
  • Have you looked into an off road wheelchair or track chair to get you back outdoors?

We can help.

Connecting Parks & People

A proud sponsor of the NASPD Conference, TrackMasterTM is working towards making parks more accessible for disabled and less-abled individuals. With the new design of the TrackMasterTM Series 1 & Series 2 machines, this can become a reality.

The Series 2 is truly designed for the spirited individual looking to explore America’s great outdoors. This all terrain wheelchair features aggressive track patterns allowing for a wider range of outdoor surface terrain and conditions. Mud, snow, sand, rocks – TrackMasterTM takes people where they want to go!

Take Life Where You Want To Go

The TrackMasterTM off road wheelchair includes the following features and more:

  • 3-way adjustable stabilization handle
  • Comfortable premium seating on standard frame units
  • An Industry leading R-Net controller
  • Twin, 1,200-Lumen LED floodlights to light your way on night-time adventures
  • Combined 3.2 HP motors to get you out there
  • A power to weight ratio that provides superior machine performance  
  • Top speed of 5.5 MPH
  • A battery capable of providing 10+ miles of adventure
  • Dropdown, interchangeable armrests for easy transfer or full range target shooting
  • Much more…

TrackMasterTM Customs To Meet Your Needs

We have standard or custom seating available, including complex rehab seating for more aggressive positioning requirements. There are a variety of custom color options available, including Matte Black, Olive Drab Green and the Mossy Oak pattern. 

Why TrackMasterTM?

With the new design of the TrackMasterTM Series 1 & Series 2 machines, we took a top to bottom approach. TrackMasterTM has the lightest & most efficient machines available, with precision fit in-house designed & manufactured parts.

Aerospace technology with a stout aluminum gauge chassis is designed with precise detail & careful selection of materials to provide a streamlined TrackMasterTM product. With our 3.2 HP combined motor output, lightweight design & new technology wheels, the TrackMasterTM Series 1 & Series 2 machines are truly designed for the spirited individual.

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Contact us today for more information about the TrackMasterTM Series 1 & Series 2 machines as well as any TrackMasterTM customs you would like. Get in a TrackMasterTM and let the adventure begin!!

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