Tracked Wheelchair with TrackMasteCustoms to keep you active

TrackMaster Keeps You Active Even As You Age

Our tracked wheelchair is not just great for those who are disabled or paraplegic. They are also super useful for those who are less abled due to age. Work can get hard to keep up with and hobbies can be difficult if you do not have the mobility that you once had. With a track chair, you can get back to doing those things despite your age or ability. Along with the basic power pack that comes with each chair, our TrackMaster customs are available to accommodate for your specific needs.

Custom seating options

We offer a variety of seating options to fit the needs of our customers. From basic comfort seating, to complex rehab seating, we want to be sure that our chairs are comfortable for you. Chairs can get uncomfortable after siting in them for a long time or performing certain activities in them, but with our seating choices we hope to ensure your comfort throughout use.

What are some ways you can use your track chair?

Though our tracked wheelchairs are great for everyday use, they are also great for a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, and going to the beach. As you age, you might find that it is difficult to participate in these activities because you are unable to meet their physical demands. Our chairs help you overcome those obstacles that may prevent you from doing the things you’ve loved doing all your life.

What are some features of a track chair that help you do these activities?

Tracks instead of wheels. Standard wheelchairs have two points of contact to the ground via the front and back wheels. In contrast, a track chair has two tracks instead of wheels, which provide up to two square feet of contact with the ground. This increase in surface area contact allows for a track chair to better grip the ground, giving the chair the ability to travel through rough and uneven terrain such as gravel, sand, grass, and wooded areas.

Electronically powered. Each track chair is powered by a Dual 1-HP electric motor. This allows the user to travel at a fast-walking pace without having to exert the energy that it takes to travel.

Customizable modes. Located within the joystick, a TrackMaster track chair has five programable modes that can perform a range of actions, such as adjusting the height of your seat and moving the head and leg rests. These actions can be programed to complete the adjustments you need based on the activity in which you are participating using the mode profiles.

TrackMaster tracked wheelchairs are designed for the disabled, as well as the less abled. Our goal is to assist you in getting back to doing what you love the most.

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about our track chairs or TrackMaster customs.

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