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What Does TrackMaster Do To Help Veterans Get Track Chairs?

Many of our customers are familiar with the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces make first-hand. Are you or a loved one a veteran? At TrackMaster Mobility, one of our missions is to thank our veterans by helping to supply track chairs for vets, as well as the customizations that they may need.

Helping Veterans Stay Active After The Military
As the founder of TrackMaster likes to say,

“We want to help people get out from behind the window, and really enjoy living an active, well-rounded lifestyle again.”

Such a goal can seem hard to achieve when you’re differently-abled and have previously had active hobbies, but disabled ex-servicemen and women across the country know track chairs can help vets attain it once again.

A tracked wheelchair has more power and a large track to conquer any terrain compared to the narrow wheels of a manual or typical powered wheelchair which struggle or simply can’t be used on many terrains. Many of our customers who are vets used to lament about being unable to hunt in rough terrain anymore or even simply enjoy a relaxed trip to the beach with family and friends.

Thanks to the TrackMaster tracked chair, missing out on some of your favorite activities is a thing of the past. With the new S-1 and S-2 models, the tracks are narrower and frames are lighter, making transportation hassle-free without sacrificing the power a TrackMaster has.

Customized Track Chairs

At TrackMaster, we frequently make customizations to our track chairs for clients who have served our country. We can add on custom tools and amenities for anyone’s lifestyle or hobbies, plus we can help you add custom seating options for you.

If you’re a hunter or range shooter, a rifle mount or gun storage rack might help you out. We also frequently add storage areas, cup holders, and phone or tablet mounts for our chairs, as well as power seating that you can adjust to your needs and activity.

TrackMaster’s Commitment To Veterans

TrackMaster was started by a veteran for all people with limited mobility, and was inspired to do so by a good friend who was also a vet. You could say TrackMaster has always been committed to our nation’s vets.

Veterans literally risk life and limb for our country and we are proud to help them get tracked wheelchairs and take back their lives. In addition, there are several organizations that help provide funding for track chairs for vets. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • The Gary Sinise Foundation
  • Help Hope Live
  • The Christopher Reeve Foundation

Contact us today, and we would love to help you get out from behind the window and start really enjoying life again.

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