Custom TrackMaster track chair for hunting

What Features Can I get on my Track Chair for Hunting?

Wheelchair with tracks for hunting

Many Americans enjoy hunting as a pastime or hobby. However, if your less able or disabled, it may be difficult to travel through wooded areas or get up on the hunting platform. Though you have no problem with aiming and shooting, these other limitations could prevent you from participating in the activity.

Our track chair can help you overcome those obstacles. With custom seating options and the ability to quickly change direction, hunting in our chair can be easy. Additionally, because it is a wheelchair with tracks for hunting, it is able to travel through the rough and uneven terrain that you would face in wooded or grassy areas.

Custom seating set-up

At TrackMaster, we offer custom seating set ups that cater to your specific needs. Some of the features that you can customize for your chair will give you an easy and enjoyable hunting experience.

Seat elevation. Though you may not be able to get onto a hunting platform, our seat elevation feature can help you get a better view of your surroundings. 

Moveable arm-rests. The arm-rests on a track chair are able to be moved up and out of the way for a wide range of motion. Other wheelchair seating systems limit your range of motion due to stationary arm-rests, as well as the way that you are strapped into the seat.

Other features that make a track chair great for hunting

Even without custom TrackMaster seating, our chair has other great features for hunting. 

Quick direction changes. The TrackMaster track chair has two individual tracks that move separate from one another. When turning, one goes forward and one goes backwards, depending on the direction you want to go. Whether your moving or standing still, if you want to change direction, our chair has the ability to do so quickly.

Tracks instead of wheels. Most standard wheelchairs have wheels that would get stuck or cause the chair to flip over when moving wooded areas or grass fields. Our track chairs are wheelchairs with tracks for hunting that are made for traveling on rough and uneven terrain.

Safety features. A track chair is also equip with a few safety features that keep the chair stable on all types of terrain. The electronic break allows the chair to stay in place on uneven surfaces. There are also two bars that extend from the back of the chair to keep the chair from flipping while traveling over rocky or rough ground.

Contact us, today, if you have any questions about custom TrackMaster chairs and how they can be used for hunting.

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