Hunting Wheelchairs - All Terrain Wheelchair vs Track Chair

What is an All-Terrain Wheelchair or Track Chair?

An all-terrain wheelchair is any wheelchair that can travel over uneven surfaces that a standard wheelchair could not. Many companies have designed and sold all-terrain wheelchairs. So, what’s the difference between these chairs and a track chair? The biggest difference is that the TrackMaster track chairs have tracks instead of wheels. Additionally, our chairs are specifically designed to have a strong center of gravity, and we offer more powerful motor options compared to other all-terrain chairs.

Features that make the track chair different from an all-terrain chair

Tracks instead of wheels – Generic all-terrain wheelchairs typically have wheels that are designed for moving over some surfaces that are uneven, such as grass or gravel. They are usually thicker than standard wheelchair wheels, allowing for more surface area traction with the ground. However, these wheels still get stuck easily in more dense environments. The track chair’s tracks allow it to overcome obstacles that would stop all-terrain wheelchairs with wheels. Terrain such as heavily wooded areas, sandy beaches, and muddy soil are difficult to travel through with wheels. The track chair tracks eliminate that difficulty, making it an efficient hiking and hunting wheelchair as well as great for the beach.

Powerful motor options – Most all-terrain companies offer “off the shelf” motors used in common powered wheelchairs. Our track chairs are equipped with a dual 1 horsepower electric motor that provides the additional boost needed to make it over rocky, dense and uneven terrain.

Strong center of gravity – Many companies don’t take into consideration the balance needed to travel over certain terrains. This causes other all-terrain wheelchairs to become unsteady when traveling over uneven surfaces. Our track chair has a strong center of gravity which allows for individuals to drive over uneven terrain such as tree roots and ditches with guaranteed stability.

TrackMaster track chairs are designed to travel over rough terrain with ease. Our tracks provide a greater surface area of ground contact than the standard four-points of contact provided with wheels. This additional grip, along with our powerful dual 1 horsepower electric motor and our chair’s strong center of gravity make it a true off road wheelchair that can conquer more than grass and gravel. Our track chair is a great hiking and hunting wheelchair, allowing individuals to get back outside and do what they love. Our hope is that we are able to provide our users with more independence and the increased ability to participate in activities in despite of their disabilities.

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