TrackMaster Customs wheelchair with tracks for hunting

What Should I Look For In A Hunting Wheelchair Or Track Chair?

If you’re looking into investing in a track chair to reclaim your old hobby of hunting or even range shooting, you may be wondering what specifications and amenities you need to be considering for your chair.

If your shooting hobby includes outdoor ranges or hunting in the great outdoors, you will need a wheelchair with tracks for hunting activities. 

Hunting With A TrackMaster Chair

Tackling rugged terrain in a manual or regular power wheelchair just isn’t possible. Being differently-abled used to mean you couldn’t safely or effectively attempt to live your life unencumbered by your chair, but not anymore when you have a wheelchair with tracks (or a track chair) for hunting. 

  • Safety – TrackMaster chairs are made with safety in mind; with marine grade wiring, low centers of gravity, and an electronic brake to lock motors when not under power to secure the chair on uneven terrain.
  • All-Terrain Exploration – the snow mobile-like tracks on the TrackMaster can handle rugged terrain and water up to a foot of depth alike, perfect for the hunter. You can even choose between a narrow track option (the S-1 model) or a wider track (the S-2), which might help on rougher terrain. 
  • Individual-Minded Customization – TrackMaster makes enjoying your passions like hunting easier with customizations to fit your abilities and lifestyle.

Customizing A TrackMaster For My Hunting Needs

Ordering a custom TrackMaster chair makes enjoying your passions easier, and allows you to choose what you need, instead of picking from a cookie-cutter mold of what you don’t need. 

  • Rifle Mount Attachment – Plenty of our customers have praised the rifle mount attachment option for allowing them to get back into hunting and shooting again. 
  • Lighting Options – Adding lighting to your track chair can be so helpful at dusk or dawn, or in heavily wooded areas, to help you find your way hands-free. 
  • Gun and Storage Rack Attachments – We have even done gun and Storage Rack Attachments for the avid hunter, which is a great way to keep your options open during your hunting trip and allow you to not have to rely on others to carry your guns around. 
  • Custom Seating Options – With custom rehab seating options, you can be at the height and position you need to take part in outdoor activities, like hunting. 
  • Other Amenities – The possibilities are endless from cup holders, to phone and tablet mounts. Anything that can make your life in your track chair easier, we can make happen! 

Talk to us as TrackMaster about how we can help you reclaim your lifestyle and outdoor passions today! Having a TrackMaster custom can change your life for the better! 

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