Grass - Regular wheelchair vs off road wheelchair vs Track Chair

Can Wheelchairs Go on Grass and How are Track Chairs Different?

Many standard wheelchairs are able to travel through grass without difficulties, as can a TrackMaster track chair. However, unlike our off road wheelchair with tracks, a wheelchair with wheels may get stuck if the grass is wet or muddy. Similarly, uneven ground, hills, ditches, and longer grass would likely cause issues for a regular wheelchair. Our track chair is equipped with features to help conquer these difficult terrains. 


Features of a standard wheelchair vs a tracked chair


Standard wheelchair:

  • Has two points of ground contact via the front and back wheels.
  • The back wheels are used to steer and the front wheels act as stabilizers. 
  • Powered by humans or a standard motor if electric.

Track chair:

  • Has two tracks instead of wheels.
  • Each track provides about two square feet of contact with the ground.
  • Each track moves independently.
  • Powered by Dual 1-HP electric motors.
  • Designed to have a strong center of gravity.

How do the features of the track chair help it travel over uneven terrain?


The biggest difference between a standard wheelchair and a TrackMaster off road wheelchair is the amount of surface area contact that the chair has with the ground. The greater surface area that the tracks on the track chair provide allows for the chair to have a better grip than a standard wheelchair. This makes it easier for the chair to travel over slicker surfaces such as mud and wet grass. Additionally, the more powerful motor on the track chair gives individuals the extra boost they need to travel through terrain like hills, ditches and thick, grassy fields. Lastly, because the track chair is designed to have a strong center of gravity, it’s users are able to move over uneven surfaces that may cause a standard wheelchair to flip over. 

Although neighborhoods and backyards usually only contain grass and concrete or paved surfaces, many areas with grass are combined with other types of terrain that an individual may have to pass through. Grassy fields that lead to heavily wooded areas require a chair that can travel over both grass and uneven ground, dirt, and tree roots. Grass that borders a body of water may be very muddy and slick. The unique features of the track chair make it a great chair for those who like to hunt or fish in these environments. The customizable features available for track chairs for veterans allow for those who have served to comfortably participate in these activities as well. 

A standard wheelchair can travel through grass – but a track chair can do it faster and more efficiently. Our chairs are not just limited to flat surfaces and short grass; they are able to move over many other types of terrain that a standard wheelchair cannot. 

Contact us, today if you have additional questions about our track chairs, or about our customizable track chairs for veterans.


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