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Does the VA Pay for Track Chairs or Electric Wheelchairs?

Track Chairs and wheelchairs The Veteran Affairs (VA) treats electric wheelchairs and track chairs differently. They may cover the cost of electric wheelchairs if you meet their set requirements. However, the coverage of track chairs for vets is not guaranteed by the VA, regardless of those qualifications. In most cases, the full coverage of track chairs has been granted to customers only after machines from other companies provided by the VA have failed to work for them.

What makes me more likely to qualify for coverage by the VA?

The biggest determining factor for coverage by the VA is the severity of your injury/disability. The individuals we serve fall into two general categories: paraplegic individuals and quadriplegic individuals.

Paraplegic Individuals – Those who are paraplegic typically have the upper-body strength and ability to get out of various chairs. These individuals typically get more use out of our track chairs because they tend to spend more time in rough terranes such as wooded areas and swamps, for which our chairs were made. Paraplegic individuals are more likely to qualify for coverage of track chairs for vets because it is more practical for them to use due to the individual’s increased mobility that allows them to move in and out of the chair on their own.

Quadriplegic Individuals – Those who are quadriplegic cannot to move from chairs without assistance. So, they require having people around for them to be able to move in and out of a chair as well as make other adjustments. Because of this, it may be more difficult to receive any coverage for a TrackMaster wheelchair or other track chair from the VA if your disability/injury is more severe and limiting. The VA seems to think that these individuals are less likely to encounter those terranes and thus do not need a track chair.

Quadriplegic individuals can and do benefit from TrackMaster track chairs. Although quadriplegic individuals may be less likely to need for a track chair, they can still be beneficial because they assist in get around places that other machines do not maneuver well.

What should I do if I do not receive coverage from the VA?

At TrackMaster, our goal is to make life more enjoyable by providing more accessibility with our trackmaster wheelchair. We understand that without coverage from the VA, cost could stand in the way of living life to its full potential. To assist in this area, we have financing available to our customers. You can apply for financing by filling out the financing form on our home page.

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about financing or coverage for our Trackmaster tracked chairs.

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