Tracked Wheelchair used as Hunting Wheelchair

How Fast Does a Track Chair Go? What Other Capabilities Does a Track Chair Have?

The exact speed that a track chair can go depends on the situational use of the machine. Factors such as incline, mode of operation, and type of terrain can affect how fast you can travel. However, a TrackMaster tracked wheelchair can go up to 4.0-4.5 mph.

What makes a track chair move?

Each track chair is equip with:

  • A 24 volt power system
  • A Dual 1 horsepower electric motor that allows our chair to move a variety of difficult terrain, making it an excellent hunting wheelchair.
  • An industry leading R-Net joystick controller.

These features give a track chair the ability to move at different speeds based on the user’s needs and situation.

You control how fast you go

There is no set speed on a track chair. The user is able to increase or decrease how fast they go with the joystick. Pushing down more on the joystick increases the power that the chair will use for movement, which will increase your speed.

5 modes of operation

Another unique feature that a track chair has is the modes of operation. These modes of operation consist of 5 control settings on the joystick of the tracked wheelchair. The user can assign different action patterns to each mode based on their individual needs, such as raising the seat chair to a certain height. There is no set speed within each mode, but you have the option to program the chair to go a specific speed when in a mode.

How fast is 4.0 mph?

Although 4.0-4.5 mph does not sound very fast, it’s a lot faster than you’d think. According to, the average walking speed of a human is roughly 3-4 mph. Therefore, a track chair can move as fast or faster than an aggressive walking pace.

When traveling through rough, slick or thick terrain, or when moving on an incline, people often slow down their walking pace because they need to exert more energy and will get tired overtime. However, because a motor does not get tired, it can travel at a fast walking pace for as long as the user pleases. We have found that people using our track chairs often have to slow down when traveling with individuals who are walking because those who are walking can’t keep up!
Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about the speed of a TrackMaster track chair, or to learn more about the features that make our chair an excellent hunting wheelchair.

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