Off Road WheelChair with TrackMaster Customs

Where Can I Find A Heavy Duty Track Chair?

At TrackMaster, we offer both standard and custom, heavy duty track chairs. If you just need a standard chair, you can call us and we will ship the chair to you directly from our manufacturer. However, if you need a chair with specific trackmaster customs for your individual needs, we will work with one of our partnering ATPs to create a chair that will work best for you.

What is an ATP?

An Assistive Technology Professional, or ATP, is someone who determines what kind of seating you should have based on your body structure and disability. Based on your needs, we will work with one of our partners who can best fit your needed design within your region.

What is the process of getting a custom heavy duty track chair?

There are two potential processes when it comes to getting a custom, off-road wheelchair. Based on your needs and location, ATPs will either:

  1. Preform their service and give TrackMaster a list of the elements that should be added to the chair. Then, our manufacturer will create the chair and it will be shipped to you along with the power base.


  2. The ATP will purchase the power base from our distributer, which doesn’t contain a chair. Then they will ship it to a custom seating manufacturing company and provide a prescription for what to put on the chair. The manufacturing company will either bill the ATP or customer, depending on the predetermined arrangements, and the power pack with the modified chair will be sent to the customer. Then, the ATP will meet with the customer and do all the necessary adjustments.

ATPs usually provide full service, including repairs. However, we have found that our chairs do not usually need repairs, seeing that our warranty costs are an extremely small percentage of our overall sales.

At the moment, TrackMaster is working on partnering with different ATPs throughout the country and internationally to cover different regions of the U.S and other countries. We are making sure to find experienced ATPs, typically those who have been in business for 10+ years, to ensure that our chairs with trackmaster customs are designed and constructed well and professionally.

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about our off-road wheelchairs, or if you wish to inquire more about the process of receiving a custom, heavy duty track chair from TrackMaster.


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