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TrackMaster Tracked Wheelchair

We get people enjoying as much of life as possible

The TrackMaster is a tracked wheelchair designed for all terrain mobility. The TrackMaster was designed with a single goal in mind: “Get people enjoying as much of life as possible”. We think that’s impossible when much of life isn’t accessible. From the comfort of the home, out the door, over the curb, down the sidewalk, and into your favorite restaurant, the TrackMaster wheelchair gets you there and back again… effortlessly. When your friends or family invite you along for a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods, you can tell them try to keep up. Mud, snow, sand, rocks – when there’s work to be done, the TrackMaster wheelchair is the one. Take life where you want to go!

TrackMaster Wheelchair
TrackMaster Tracked Wheelchair

Incredible Features

TrackMaster product line begins with the MK-1 and the MK-1X all-terrain, track-based, electric powered chairs designed to take our end users where they want to go independently. The MK-1X tracked wheelchair off road capabilities are unmatched, and in the face of rocks, mud, sand, and snow it remains undaunted. The MK-1 is 29 ½-inches wide, so it fits through a standard doorway and into commonly known spaces for powered mobility chairs, yet it remains stable and well balanced for all types of terrain.

From the sip-and puff, head-array, attendant controlling systems and e-reader mount, to attachable hunting blinds; from custom bags and satchels, to an integrated robotic arm, the MK-1 and MK-1X caters to all. Not only do we strive to provide the tools that allow our chair owners to enjoy life’s activities life’s work, but we find avenues to do so that embrace the personalities, images, and lifestyle choices of our end users.

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