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Nuts & Bolts…Here’s What You Need To Know

TrackMaster machines are designed to explore the world around You!

They are a power mobility unit much like traditional wheelchairs, but our machines have a track base intended for a variety of off-road use to navigate sand, dirt, mud, gravel, and other challenging outdoor surfaces where conventional powered wheelchairs can’t go. A TrackMaster is more aggressive than a typical wheeled mobility system. This includes the smoothness of the ride and how it maneuvers over traditional power chairs.

Designed with a sporty approach, TrackMaster machines allow individuals the opportunity to explore parks, wooded areas, hiking trails, beaches, and other rugged terrain challenges that conventional wheeled mobility devices cannot manage.

It is important to know that a TrackMaster is not meant to be confused with or used as an ATV, UTV, or other devices typically used in deep mud, deep water, deep sand, deep snow or deep gravel. Excessive towing weight, dragging or pulling of debris such as logs, or un-wheeled objects is NOT advised and may damage the machine.

TrackMaster products are designed with one goal in mind….to get the spirited individual off the beaten path!

Please note that the following recommendations are not all inclusive as there may be other surfaces or environments not listed below:


  • Light, Moderate or Rugged Terrain such as shallow sand, dirt, mud, snow, or gravel surfaces.
  • Beaches Hiking Trails
  • Pasture, Ranch or Farm Areas
  • Forests or Wooded Environments
  • Creeks or Riverbeds (shallow water NO MORE THAN 8 INCHES DEEP)
  • ALWAYS wear your seat positioning strap for safety.
trackMaster s1 series 2
trackMaster s2 series 2


  • DO NOT operate on roads, streets or highways.
  • DO NOT climb, go up or down ramps or traverse slope greater than 30 degrees. 9 degrees is recommended for beginners as listed in our owner’s manual.
  • DO NOT attempt to move up or down an incline with water, ice or oily surfaces.
  • DO NOT attempt to navigate obstacles without wheelie bars fully installed.
  • Excessive or Deep Terrain as stated above that could cause the machine to get stuck or must be towed out.
  • Towing a TrackMaster is NOT RECOMMENDED with motor brakes engaged.
    – MK Models – Brakes will release when joystick is pressed
    – Series 1 & Series 2 Models – Engage brake release lever on each motor for free-wheeling if needed
  • DO NOT drive or sit in water above 8 inches. (Battery box must not be submerged.)
  • DO NOT attempt to drive curbs or obstacles larger than 6 inches tall. Doing so may cause your track chair to turn over and cause bodily harm or damage to the chair.
  • Blunt force caused by direct impact due to objects or obstacles.
  • DO NOT leave your track chair in a rainstorm.
  • DO NOT leave your track chair in a damp area for an extended period of time.
    o Direct exposure to rain or dampness will cause the chair to malfunction electrically and mechanically.
  • DO NOT use the footplate as a platform to stand. When transferring in or out of the track chair, make sure that the footplate is in the upward position.