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5 Adventurous Activities for Tracked Wheelchairs

5 Adventurous Activities for Wheelchair Users

Living with mobility issues shouldn’t limit your adventurous spirits. Contrary to the popular belief that physically handicapped persons are bound to their wheelchairs, you can engage in exhilarating activities and new experiences. If you’ve been thinking about exploring the outdoors but are unsure about your options, below are five activities you can enjoy in your trackmaster chair.

  1. Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports provide an excellent opportunity for individuals with mobility wheelchairs to socialize, improve physical fitness, and compete freely. Wheelchair basketball is a common adaptive sport that allows such individuals to develop their strategic play and teamwork skills. Players can maneuver in wheelchairs, shoot hoops, dribble, and pass.

Wheelchair tennis is another common adaptive sport for wheelchair users. While participants compete in standard courts, they use specifically designed wheelchairs that aid in maneuverability.

Those who don’t like basketball or tennis can also engage in wheelchair rugby or murderball. It is a contact sport for the strong ones that combines rugby, ice hockey, and basketball tactics. Participants use specially designed wheelchairs to showcase their strength and agility in the field.

  1. Accessible Hiking

Wheelchair users can also immerse themselves in the beauty of nature through accessible hiking. Unlike before, most parks and natural reserves have wheelchair-friendly paths. Some hiking trails even have additional amenities like accessible rest areas, picnic spots, and parking.

Unlike conventional hiking, accessible paths have gentle slopes, wide pathways, and smooth surfaces for easy navigation. You’ll also find trail-friendly wheelchairs with large wheels and sturdy frames for hire. Wheelchair users are also often assigned companions to help them take on tricky sections of the trail.

Accessible hiking is beneficial to wheelchair users in many ways. It promotes physical, emotional, and mental health. Being in the middle of nature’s serenity and listening to chirping birds reduces stress and boosts relaxation. This activity can be made more enjoyable for wheelchair users by:

  • Introducing scavenger hunts – wheelchair-accessible scavenger hunts along hiking trails can add some fun. It turns the hike into a game of adventure and excitement.
  • Picnic stops – scenic spots along the trail are great for picnics. Wheelchair users can rest, refuel, and socialize.
  1. Adaptive Winter Sports

As the name suggests, these are adaptive sports specifically played during winter. They allow wheelchair users to experience the thrill of various sporting activities. Common adaptive winter sports include:

  • Adaptive skiing and snowboarding – mobility wheelchairs allow physically challenged persons to glide down snow slopes. Skiing is a popular sport that involves using specialized ski-mounted seats. Snowboarding also uses unique snowboards that accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Sled hockey – being confined to a wheelchair shouldn’t limit you from the excitement of playing ice hockey. Like other adaptive winter sports, wheelchair users sit on specially equipped sleds and propel themselves using modified hockey sticks.
  • Wheelchair curling – this strategic winter sport has also been adopted for mobility wheelchair users. Like most wheelchair sports, it boosts coordination concentration skills, and teamwork.
  • Ice skating – wheelchair users can also enjoy ice skating on special ice sleds that allow them to glide on ice. Here, wheelchair users learn basic skating techniques while enjoying the experience of gliding on ice.
  1. Off-Road Wheelchair Adventures

For those who are into off-roading, off-road adventures in mobility wheelchairs are a perfect way to explore the tough outdoors. Like other adventurous activities, this calls for specially designed wheelchairs, such as the trackmaster mobility wheelchair. These wheelchairs have sturdy frames, all-terrain tires, and impressive suspension systems that can withstand unpredictable terrains.

Trails designed for off-road wheelchairs offer unmatched freedom. Wheelchair users get to navigate diverse landscapes with breathtaking scenery. Be it exploring the tranquil forest trails, rocky mountains, or sandy beaches, off-roading wheelchair adventures provide unique opportunities for interacting with nature firsthand. Off-roading adventures offer physical challenges that promote mental well-being.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning

Wheelchair users can also take their adventurous spirits to the sky through hot-air ballooning. It is a unique experience that wheelchair users can spend their free time on. While accessibility varies, most hot air balloon providers now accommodate wheelchair users looking for an unforgettable experience.

Accessible hot air balloons often have gondolas or accessible baskets, ramps, and lifts that ease entry and exit. These slight modifications allow interested persons to remain in wheelchairs for ultimate comfort. They also have safety harnesses that give riders peace of mind while cruising high altitudes.

Hot air ballooning is perfect for wheelchair users looking for awe-inspiring views. You can float gracefully above different landscapes and picturesque scenery. This experience also gives you a sense of freedom, adventure, and serenity.

The Bottom Line

Wheelchair users and people with other disabilities can now engage in various fun activities, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which protected such persons from discrimination and promoted access to various public spaces. Because of this law, there are endless wheelchair-accessible activities for those who want to experience the thrill. TrackMaster mobility can now give you the freedom to take your adventures even further! Ask about our state parks partnership! If you rely on a wheelchair for a daily commute, pick one of these adventurous activities for a memorable experience.


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