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Improved Mobility Solutions with Tracked Wheelchairs

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Revolutionizing Mobility Solutions for Improved Lifestyles 

UNDERSTAND YOUR CLIENT’S LIFESTYLE! In the current fast-paced world, it is important to think beyond conventional solutions when addressing the mobility needs of veterans and individuals who’ve suffered injuries or illnesses.

At TrackMaster Mobility, we begin by identifying our client’s unique challenges and lifestyle needs. By doing so, we are confident that we can offer innovative solutions that will enable them to live their best. We make the following crucial evaluations:

  • What activities did the client enjoy before their illness or injury?
  • Do they live on a gravel road?
  • Do they like hunting or fishing or simply want to tend to their garden?
  • Are they outdoor fans who would frequently like to join their family on the beach or venture to our nation’s parks?
  • Do they have a wheelchair-accessible van?

Like most of us, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or stray from the norm. Let’s change this together! Our primary goal is to work against various limitations to enable people with mobility issues to pursue their hobbies and interests with unlimited freedom and independence.

Why Trackmaster for Tracked Wheelchairs?

At Trackmaster Mobility, we made it our mission to design a machine that would change lives and meet the needs of disabled and less-abled individuals with mobility challenges to enhance their quality of life, seek adventure, and enjoy life “off the sidewalk.”

With this in mind, TrackMaster Mobility is pleased to present the all-new Series 1 and Series 2. Our aircraft-grade aluminum chassis makes TrackMaster the lightest and most transportable all-terrain power track wheelchair in the industry today!

At 28.5” wide, the Series 1 can replace a standard power wheelchair for everyday use. Its slim design allows it to fit through most standard doorways. The Series 1 can also be easily transported in a wheelchair-accessible van. Below are a few things to note about our Series 1 TrackMaster model:

  • New aerospace technology with aluminum gauge chassis
  • Powerful lithium battery
  • Waterproof charger and industrial-grade electronics
  • 3.2 hp output that supports its 5.5 mph top speed
  • Adventure range of more than 10 miles. Depends on the terrain and battery charge.
  • Standard seat frame units
  • Drop-down armrests for full-range shooting
  • Offroad LED lights for nighttime adventures

What about rough terrain?

For the more EXTREME users, the Series 2 at 31.75” wide is meant for aggressive terrain or environments. Standard or complex rehab seating options are also available. Our S2 model has quite similar features to the S1 except for the following:

  • Improved track and bogie wheel system for optimal performance
  • Adjustable flip-up footrest and 3-way handle
  • Premium seating
  • 250 to 350lbs base weight

Various partners have thrown their weight behind our innovative products. Some of our active funding sources include Workers’ Comp, Vocational Rehab, Private Insurance, Auto Insurance Claims, and select VAs. We are also working towards achieving FDA approval, which provides reassurance that our products are safe and efficient. Concerned about coding? K0898 and K0899 can be options.

Want to learn more? shoot us a message at sales@trackmastermobility.com.  Or call 727-333-7562.

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