TrackMaster – Track Chairs for Veterans

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Our service men and women, both active and veterans, have risked life and limb to preserve our country and our freedom. Many have suffered greatly with debilitating injuries and continue suffer by not being able to engage in the activities they used to love.

We are forever in their debt and would like to help. This is one of the reasons we developed the TrackMaster powered track chairs. We want to give some freedom to move back to our veterans who have given so much for us.

All Terrain Track Chairs for Vets

Regular wheel chairs are limited in where they go. Water is difficult. Sand is impossible. Even hiking an unpaved trail path is out of the question, but not with TrackMaster. TrackMaster is an all-terrain track chair for veterans which allows you to, once again, enjoy the many outdoor activities you love.

Imagine going to the beach again, going hunting, or hiking a trail. With TrackMaster, you can do all these and much more. Your track chair will also allow you to easily maneuver through businesses and your home.

track chairs for veterans - JustinCustomizable Track Chairs for Veterans

We know that everyone’s needs are different. TrackMaster is a customizable track chair for vets which has options for various seating, including complex rehab seating (see options here), smart technologies of handicap accessory equipment, lighting, and much more. Click here to read more about TrackMaster’s customizable features and benefits.

Safe Track Chairs for Vets

TrackMaster chairs are engineered for safety. Our chairs have a low center of gravity and all wiring is marine grade. You have water depth mobility to 12-inches for trail puddles and swampy conditions. Also, our custom motors are also equipped with an electronic break that locks the motors when not under power to secure the machine on uneven terrain.

Our veterans have sacrificed so much, but they don’t need to sacrifice their mobility. Contact us, today, for more information about TrackMaster powered track chairs and start taking back your life!

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