Custom TrackMaster track chair for vets, hunters, and everyday use

A Tracked Chair That Can Change as Your Needs Change

TrackMaster tracked chairs are built to be customizable. Each one of our customers has a unique set of individual needs and it is crucial that our chairs are made to cater towards those needs in order for our chairs to be helpful and effective. We are especially proud to be able to offer customizable track chairs for vets who have given so much for our country.

A standard track machine, or the base module without the chair itself, is designed to support a custom TrackMaster seating system. It is electronically built to allow for customizable adjustments based on the needs of its user. This way, as an individual’s needs change and evolve overtime, the track chair is able to be programed to change with that person’s specific needs.

How do I customize my track chair?

Each track chair has five modes located within the joystick. Each mode has a profile that can be programed to perform different actions based on the individual’s current needs.

Here are some ways a mode can be used:

  • To increase or decrease the speed of your track chair
  • To elevate or lower your seat
  • To adjust your headrest or footrest

Profiles can also contain multiple actions set for specific situations, such as traveling through rough terrain, using the chair when hunting, or for everyday use.

What are some other custom TrackMaster features that are available for my chair?

  • Head Array: A head array is a driving-control component of the machine mounted to the head rest of a track chair. If an individual is not able to move their arm or grip the joystick, the head array allows them to control the movement of their chair by moving their head. This feature is programed within a mode profile.
  • Rehab seating: One option that our customers have when it comes to custom seating is rehab seating.

Our goal at TrackMaster is to help our customers return to normal life. We want to give individuals the opportunity to do regular activities, like going to beach and going hunting, without the struggle that comes with most wheelchairs. By utilizing our offered customizable features, your custom TrackMaster track chair can cater to your needs. You can program modes specific to you, and you can continue to alter them as your needs change.

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about customizing your track chair, or if you would like more information about track chairs for vets.

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