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TrackMaster – Hunting Wheelchair

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Hunting is a favorite pastime for many Americans. There are also many people who have enjoyed hunting in the past, but now, due to illness or injury, are limited to a wheelchair and are unable to enjoy hunting anymore. It doesn’t have to be this way.

TrackMaster Is a Wheelchair with Tracks for Hunting

One of the most limiting factors of a wheelchair is its wheels. A standard wheelchair simply can’t handle the terrain you encounter when hunting. You need a wheelchair with tracks for hunting. TrackMaster is an all-terrain electric powered track chair that allows you to once again get outside and go hunting. You can even go into wet areas with a water depth mobility to 12-inches for trail puddles and swampy conditions.

Customizable Hunting Wheelchair

TrackMaster is able to be customized to fit your needs. There are several seating options, including complex rehab seating (see options here). You have lighting options and can choose between narrow or wide tracks. TrackMaster also has vibration dampening technology, a 4-point suspension which gives the operator a 360-degree movement that lessens lateral and vertical stress pain.


A Safe Hunting Wheelchair

The TrackMaster is rugged, comfortable, and engineered for safety. Our chairs have a low center of gravity and all wiring is marine grade. Also, our custom motors are also equipped with an electronic break that locks the motors when not under power to secure the machine on uneven terrain.

TrackMaster is more than just a wheelchair with tracks for hunting. It is a tracked chair which can help to allow you to engage in many of the activities a regular wheelchair won’t. Whether it’s hunting, going to the beach, doing yard work, hiking, safely moving across snow and ice, or being able to easily move up hills in your yard, TrackMaster can make you more mobile and help you to enjoy life.

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