Prepare your home for a tracked wheelchair

What do I Need to do to Prepare my House for a Track Chair?

So, you’re looking to purchase a track chair? Whether you’re looking at track chairs for a vet, yourself, or a less-mobile loved one, you may be wondering if any modifications need to be made to your or their home.

Note: Since different track chairs have different features and dimensions, we are going to focus on the specs of the TrackMaster track chairs in this article.

Can I Store or Use my TrackMaster in my House? 

If you want to be able to go into your home with your track chair and either store it there or use it, it’s likely that very few modifications will need to be made to your home beyond what is normally done for a daily-use wheelchair. Here are the aspects of the home most people have questions about:

  • Doorways: The standard front entryway is approximately 36″ wide, while interior doorways are 30″.The new S-1 track chair is 28.5″ wide and the S-2 is 32″ wide. So, it’s likely you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments to your front door to be able to go inside your home, but depending on the model chair you get and any customizations, you may need to widen some of your internal doorways.
  • Ramp: The standard ramp is about 36″ wide, which fits both of our S models and MK models.
  • Mobility: TrackMaster’s chairs can turn on a time, even in a full 360 motion, if need be. You’ll find turning corners a breeze in your home or rugged terrain alike.
  • Reach: The TrackMaster chair sits a little bit higher than your daily-use chair, so you shouldn’t need to modify the height of anything, such as sinks, in your home.
  • Weight: Being only 300 lbs, the TrackMaster is light enough that you shouldn’t need to do any reinforcing in your home to accommodate the weight, thankfully!

If you are looking into purchasing a custom tracked chair, the width and height may vary depending on your modifications, but our representatives would love to help you create that chair and let you know the dimensions so it can fit into your life.

Tackling Stairs in a TrackMaster

If you or the loved one for which you’re looking at a tracked wheelchair has stairs anywhere in your/their home, there’s not much modification that needs to be made for your TrackMaster you haven’t already made for your daily-use wheelchair.

If you do have stairs in your home, the TrackMaster can go down stairs, but to take your track chair up more than a couple stairs, you’ll need a lift or elevator at that point.  However, if you have a small set of steps outside your front door, the TrackMaster can easily go up or down those few steps.

Taking Life Back with a TrackMaster 

If you’re looking into purchasing a tracked chair, it’s likely no more modifications will need to be made if you’ve already made modifications to your home for a daily-use chair. At TrackMaster, we want to make your experience of obtaining a new tracked wheelchair as simple and enjoyable as possible so we can get you back to living life the way you’d like!

If you have any questions or would like to create a custom track chair for a vet, hunter, beach-goer, or other outdoorsman or woman in your life! We would love to help you. Contact us today for more information.

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